All prices include stringing.

Babolat Synthetic Gut 1.25mm - £12

Excellent value for money with this string that offers very good comfort and playability. Solid Polymide core with single co-polymer outer wrap and polyurethane coating.

Better durability than multifibre strings with only a small trade off with playability.

Signum fiber Power 1.20 mm.  £12

A grey multifibre string offering good acceleration and comfort.

Dunlop DNA 1.19.  £15

A premium multi-filament string that provides extra power and durability without sacrificing comfort and feel. Such excellent properties have been achieved due to a special construction that utilises a unique PBT fibre coil which spirals round the central core of the DNA string.

Dunlop Great White 1.19.  £15

Dunlop Great White is a multifilament core string using an outer braided covering and a textured surface with a durable nano coating. Great White is suitable for players requiring maximum spin and comfort.

Dunlop Silk 1.19.  £15

As its name suggests, the Dunlop Silk string provides a feel that is as smooth as this premium material. It also delivers an outstanding power and comfort while playing and has a construction incorporating a DuPont PA66 multi-filament central core, fibres bonded with thermo elastic PU resin and a super bonded polymer outer coating.

Head Perfect Power 1.20 or 1.30mm.  £15

Head Perfect Power features a densely braided core of 1250 multifilaments, surrounded by a Co-Polyolefine Ribbon wrap plus a specially engineered anti-abrasion coating for added durability, which results in a crisp and powerful string.

Tecnifibre 305 1.20mm  £20

The Tecnifibre 305 squash string is the award winning number one selling Tecnifibre squash string, and is used by many professionals on tour including Ramy Ashour and Alastair Walker. The unique multifilament construction of the Tecnifibre 305 squash string, combined with a minimum 40% Matrix PU content, provides the player with ultimate power and comfort, whilst providing maximum shock absorption.

This string's Silicon Pyrogene Lubritec, SPL, technology reduces elongation and improves durability by 40%. Also, its micro-composite fibers provide high resiliency for increased power, while the polyurethane in the string reduces shock during ball impact. Thin gauge for excellent ball speed.

I can also supply this string in 1.10mm and 1.30mm with notice.

Ashaway UltraNick 18 1.15mm.  £20

The Ashaway UltraNick 18 squash string features the Zyex multifilament construction that provides superior power and softer feel, with the braided surface that increases durability, control and spin. The string provides superb tension stability at all tensions.

Other Squash strings £12

Just bring your racket and string of choice and I can string it for £12

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