Comfortable and well cushioned grips with tribal prints.

Replacement Grip

Embossed non Slip PU surface

Improved Nano-Tech formula

Soft Touch

Super absorbent

Nullifies vibration

Self adhesive

Can't guarantee that I'll have all 6 colours in stock.

What's wrong with pink anyway???

Karakal PU Super - Tribal. - £6 fitted

Wilson Cushion-Aire Classic Contour - £5 fitted

Replacement Grip

Raised contour surface for added feel

Patented vertical pores for rapid moisture absorption

Tacky surface for secure grip

Width: 26mm

Thickness: 1.8mm

Material: Felt & Polyurethane

Length: 1300mm

Karakal PU Grips. - £4 fitted

For tennis and squash players.

Offers excellent comfort and helps reduce the effects of racket vibration.

Special chemical treatment provides excellent tack and moisture removal.

Pro's Pro Overgrips. - £1 each


Wilson Comfort Overgrips. - £2