Tennis Strings

Signum Pro Plasma Pure 1.23mm or 1.28mm - £14

All the durability and tension stability of the extremely popular Pro poly plasma string without the questionable orange colour. The Poly Plasma in a new, optimized version which plays a bit softer and more comfortable compared to the classic Poly Plasma. It is called PURE because no pigments have been added.

Signum Pro Plasma HEX-treme Pure 1.23mm - £16

Hexagonal shaped Co-polyester string and New optimized molecular structure (without any colour additives) gives exceptional spin, minimum tension loss, excellent ball control, high dynamic power, excellent playability and comfort.

My personal string of choice: Great for spin, durable, comfortable and cheap!  Recommended HERE

Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.25 or 1.20mm - £16 

This monofilament core finished with high polymer polyester is a durable string that is great for big hitters. As a softer playing poly string it provides a comfortable feeling, while the string bed supresses shoulder and elbow fatigue.

This string is incredibly spin friendly. Power players will appreciate the control and feel they get from all areas of the court. Available in Yellow, Blue or Black.

Used by Casper Ruud and Nick Kyrgios

Reviewed HERE

Hybrids  - poly control softened by a multi or syngut in the crosses. 

All prices include stringing.

White - Signum Pro Plasma Pure + Pro Supex Spiral Flex - £12

Orange - Signum Pro Poly Plasma + Pro's Pro synthetic gut - £13

Black - Signum Pro Hyperion + Pro Supex Spiral Flex £13

Red - Head Lynx + Pro's Pro synthetic gut - £14

Blue - Yonex PTP + Babolat synthetic gut - £14

Yellow - Yonex PTP + Prince Synthetic Gut - £16

Babolat RPM Blast + Wilson Sensation £18

Luxilon Alu Power Rough +Tecnifibre X-One Biphase  £26

You can mix and match any Poly (Mains) with any synthetic gut or Multifilament

string (Crosses) listed here.

Multifilament - playability and comfort.

All prices include stringing.

Wilson Sensation Comfort 1.30mm - £16

A comfortable playing string with a nice blend of feel & playability. Known for its vibration dampening qualities, Sensation lives up to its long-standing reputation as an arm-friendly string that offers good power and spin. 

A lot of the benefits of pricier multifilaments in a more budget-friendly package.

Construction: Dupont Zycro Micro fiber core surrounded by a multifilament outer wrap. Great review HERE

Video with way too much info. HERE don't do it, it's nearly 8 mins long!

Babolat RPM Blast 1.25mm - £20

The string of choice for Stan Wawrinka and Eugenie Bouchard, this durable co-poly string is very, very spin friendly. The slick surface of RPM Blast allows the main strings to slide out of alignment, grab the ball and then snap back to add spin to the shot. While all co-poly monofilaments do this to some extent, our lab tests confirm that RPM Blast is exceptional in this regard. Though RPM Blast offers a slightly softer feel than traditional polyesters, it is by no means the softest co-poly available. It is an ideal choice for big hitters with heavier racquets seeking maximum control, durability, and spin. (And it seems to be working quite well for Rafa!)

Volkl Cyclone 1.25 - £16

Volkl Cyclone is a gear shaped string which enhances spin but does not compromise ball speed, control and durability. This is a high quality co-polymer string. Great value and good choice for those who like to hit heavy spin. 

Check out the review HERE or the comparison with Babolat RPM Blast HERE

Luxilon Alu Power Rough 1.25mm - £24

Luxilon ALU Power Rough is the textured version of Luxilon's most iconic pro tour string, ALU Power and is used in a hybrid string setup by Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. Perfectly suited to punchy base line players who can utilize fast power and spin.

Signum Pro Poly Plasma 1.23mm - £14

Great for control, spin, durability and tension maintenance. Reviewed HERE

Head Lynx 1.25mm - £16

A new and innovative co-polymer mixture designed for lively touch and perfect control.  Great for spin and control but with a softer, more comfortable feel than a regular "control" poly string.

Solinco Hyper G 1.20mm - £20

This high performance, versatile co-poly string, offers playability and control whilst still generating extreme power and incredible spin and bite. Using a newly developed chemical formula, this string has the great crisp feel of Tour Bite, whilst still remaining comfortable.  An excellent string for spin and control.

Polys - control and spin generation.  All prices include stringing.

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 1.30mm - £28

A premium multifilament string, X-One BiPhase delivers superb comfort and feel and a crisp response. A good choice for players seeking an arm-friendly string without sacrificing power. Provides good tension maintenance too. About as gut-like as synthetics get.  High on power and comfort but low on spin potential combine with a good poly to make the best hybrid outside of natural gut.

Synthetic Guts - for all round performance and value. 

All prices include stringing.

Pro Supex Syn Gut Spiral Flex 1.30mm - £12

Pro Supex Syn Gut Spiral Flex is a direct competitor to Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex (the most popular synthetic gut worldwide) and is commonly regarded as being superior!

Babolat Synthetic Gut 1.25, 1.30 or 1.35mm - £12

Excellent value for money with this string that offers very good comfort and playability. Solid Polymide core with single co-polymer outer wrap and polyurethane coating. 1.30 available in natural, blue or pink.

Volkl Classic 1.25 or 1.30mm - £12

A nice crisp feel due to its monofilament core construction.

This string offers excellent all-around playability and decent durability.

Prince Synthetic Gut - £16

One of the world's most popular synthetic gut strings. Exceptional all around performance. Engineered with Duraflex for increased durability.

Available in Purple, Yellow or White.

Other Strings

I usually have a few other sets or half sets (for hybrids) kicking around, the line-up constantly changes.  Call or email for details.

Buy your own

There is a massive range of tennis strings available from Stringers World. You can buy a set of something new to try and I will string it for you for only £12. Or you could buy a reel of your favourite string, you should get 16 to 18 restrings from a 200 metre reel. 

Feel free to call me on 07773883734 to discuss any potential purchase.