Karakal PU Super - Tribal. - £6 fitted

Comfortable and well cushioned grips with tribal prints.

Replacement Grip


Embossed non Slip PU surface


Improved Nano-Tech formula


Soft Touch


Super absorbent


Nullifies vibration


Self adhesive

Can't guarantee that I'll have all 6 colours in stock.

What's wrong with pink anyway???

I now have replacement grips in stock.

Wilson Cushion-Aire Classic Contour - £5 fitted

Replacement Grip


Raised contour surface for added feel

Patented vertical pores for rapid moisture absorption

Tacky surface for secure grip

Width: 26mm

Thickness: 1.8mm

Material: Felt & Polyurethane

Length: 1300mm

Mantis PU Grips. - £4 fitted


For tennis and squash players.


Offers excellent comfort and helps reduce the effects of racket vibration.


Special chemical treatment provides excellent tack and moisture removal.


1.6mm thick.

Pro's Pro Overgrips. - £1 each